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Bryant Logistics LLC is a Trucking Business Consulting Company that offers three major trucking business services including Class-A CDL Truck Driver Training Program, Dispatching 101 Training, and New Dispatching Setup Service for Owner Operators. LEARN MORE

Welcome to Bryant’s Logistics LLC!

We are a trucking business consulting company that offers three major trucking business services including Class-A CDL Truck Driver Training Program, Dispatching101 Training, and New Setup Service for Owner Operators.

We have recently launched Class-A CDL Truck Driver Training Program through which we aim to produce well-trained and skilled Truck Drivers in the Country. Job opportunities are also available for the graduates of the Truck Driver Training Program from Bryant Logistics & J & D Express Delivery Services.

We are offering Worldwide Freight Dispatch Hands-On Training to Entrepreneurs who want to learn the skills and knowledge how to make money dispatching trucks from your home or become an Independent Contractor with Bryant’s Logistics.

If you are an Owner Operator you can get set up for our dispatch services through our New Setup Program. Your truck will be scheduled for dispatch after you register.

►► Our Mission  ◄◄

As you know, the Trucking Business is expanding very fast throughout the country. At present, the economic volume of the Trucking industry is around $800 Billion which is very high in comparison to many other industries. Due to fast growth, this industry is facing a shortage of Truck Drivers. According to a recent report released in Oct 2020 by ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute), the truck driver shortage is one of the top issues of the Trucking Industry. Our Mission is to remove this shortage by preparing high-skilled and well-trained truck drivers through our Truck Driver Training Program.

According to researches, the average salary for a truck driver is around $58,000 per year which far more than some other skilled profession. The US is facing a shortage of 60, 000 drivers which we are aiming to meet through our Class A-CDL Truck Driver Training Program. We will train truck drivers and make them able to earn at least $50,000 per year.

With our Dispatching101 Training Program, we are giving people an opportunity to start a business or become an Independent Contractor in the Trucking Industry by giving them training and special skills.
Many people lack resources. With this program, they can join us.

►► Bryant’s Logistics LLC Class-A CDL Truck Driver Training Programs  ◄◄

As we have discussed earlier, we want to prepare well-trained Truck Drivers through this training program. This is actually an 8 weeks training program for students that qualify. We are planning to start this on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. We will offer three types of truck driving training in the program including, virtual training (Through Zoom), in-person training, and on-the-road training (as a practical).
Bryant’s Logistics LLC is launching the Truck Driver Training Program in Rocky Mount, North Carolina first. Students must have laptops for virtual classes. Internet Connection will be provided if necessary.

Some Major features of Our Truck Driver Training Program

Complete Truck Driving Training through both written and practical ways
• Employment Opportunities on the completion of training.
• Students will get “Hand-On” training as well
• Grading and assessment throughout the program on the basis of performance
• Course Books and supplies
• Practical Truck Driving training at our practice facility
• Map Reading training
• Trip planning
• Information about Transportation Law
• Backing, Shifting, and behind the wheel training
• Advanced Truck Driving Skills and techniques
• Emergency actions in case of unavoidable circumstances
• Automatic Transmission Truck training
• Guidance about starting a new trucking business (Like how to set up, company, gas card, insurance or roadside assistance, etc.)

You will learn everything related to truck driving from this training course. Our instructors will help you in practical truck driving practice as well. At the end of your training, a Certificate of completion of training will be also awarded which will be very helpful for you in employment hunting.

►► What are the basic steps you have to follow in our Class- A CDL (Commercial Driving License) Truck Driver Training Program?  ◄◄

✓ Complete Your Registration Process
Registration Process is compulsory if you want to get enrolled in our truck driver training program. For completing your registration process, please visit and click the “Register Now” button. You will be directed towards your registration form which you will fill with your basic details like name, contact and email address, etc.
However, it is very important to keep in mind that you should fit the Basic Criteria before applying to the Truck Driver Training Program. For your ease, we are discussing the Basic Criteria here:

• A Valid Driver’s License
• At least 21 years of age
• Meet the DPS Residency Requirements
• Department of Transportation Physical Examination
• Responsibility for the cost of DOT physical and drug screen.

Obtain Your Class A Permit
If you are fit for the above-given qualifications, our recruiter will reach you and confirm your status as a trainee. After this, you will get training to take the exam with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain a class A permit before starting the Class- A CDL (Commercial Driving License) Truck Driver Training Program

Take your training and Receive Instruction
Bryant’s Logistics LLC will provide you with all sorts of skills and training which are essential for driving a truck efficiently. We will train you through different ways like hands-on, computer-based, or simulator training before moving towards practical. Our instructor will work 1-on-1 with you to making you the best truck driver. You will get instructions about all necessary components of your upcoming CDL example.

Pass Your CDL Exam
After getting the training, you will schedule your CDL exam with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Hit the Road
After passing your CDL Exam and completing your final training, you will be ready to hit the road as a professional truck driver. Your options will be limitless. You can work with us or start up your new trucking business, we will be available for all sorts of help.

Dispatching101 Training Program
This is another major training program offered by Bryant’s Logistics LLC through which we are going to prepare Entrepreneurs to become Freight Dispatcher. In the Dispatching 101 training program, you can take both in-person and online classes which will be held in Rocky Mount, NC. If you can’t take in-person classes, you can take online classes through the Zoom app. Our complete Dispatching101 course of 20 hours virtual classes is available for just $499.
The Dispatching101 Training Program is actually a Worldwide Freight Dispatch Hands-In this training program, you will learn everything related to dispatching from A-Z.
The Cost of In-Person Classes is just $499 as well. The in-person classes will be held at 1179 Jeffreys Rd Rocky Mount, NC 27804, located in the Benvenue Plaza Shopping Center.

How to Apply for Dispatching101 Training Program?
You can apply for the Dispatching101 training program in two ways, online or by calling. If you want to apply online, then visit
You will see the Dispatcher Training Registration form which you fill and submit. You can also Register yourself by calling us at (252) 540-9086.

Some Major Features of Dispatch101 Training Program
This Freight Dispatching course has the following major features and advantages:

• Bryant’s Logistics LLC will Provide 2 Day Full Training.
• Lunch will be provided by the company.
• You can discuss any kind of difficulty or problem related to the training with your instructor.
• PowerPoint Presentation will be provided of the whole course with information sessions.
• You will get Tips and Tricks related to your life as a professional and successful dispatcher.
• You will learn different types of Equipment.
• Carrier Packet workshop will be held in the training center with both hard copy and electronic copy hands on.
• Your Instructor will everything about how to negotiate a freight.
• Handling the bidding or call will be especially teach in the Dispatch101 training program.
• Live and hands-on practice on the demonstration of truckstop and DAT load boards.
• You will learn about role play broker vs dispatcher.
• Through this course, you will learn how to read the market effectively.
• You will learn how to secure loads and contracts.
• You will learn how to Set Up Amazon Carrier Account
• Tips and Tricks of making 6 Figure Income
• 100 Shippers List
• You will receive handouts at the end of the training.
• Hard Copies and PDF textbooks will be provided within the course.

We are promising you that you will become a professional Dispatcher after completing this Freight Dispatching Course. It is very important to mention here that if you want to take online classes, you must have your Laptop with you.

New Set-Up Service
Through this service, we will schedule your Trucks for dispatch through which you can earn a very large amount of revenue. We are specialists in moving freight countrywide. Our main focus is to provide high-quality dispatching services by keeping load light and fuel costs down.

How to Apply for New Set-Up Service?
You can Apply for New Set-Up Service by visiting Here, you can download the New Set-Up Enrollment Form. After filling this form, you will submit it by providing your Email.
Some major features of New Set-Up Service

• We will make sure that your truck will never get empty.
• To negotiate with the brokers is our responsibility, not yours.
• We will provide reports 24/7.
• We have our own brokers as well.
•We have Government Contracts.
• There will be no long-term contract.
• You can leave anything you want.

Everything will be perfect for you in the New Set-Up Service. Keep your trust in us and we will help you in making your business successful.

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